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Regions of Kazakhstan

Western Kazakhstan

General information

Western Kazakhstan includes Western-Kazakhstani, Atyrau, Mangistau and Aktobe regions; it is located in the far western and southwestern part of the republic. Climate is sharply continental, dry. Average temperature in summer is about +27Cº, at times can reach +40Cº.

Major rivers are Ural and Emba. The biggest lakes are Inder, Aralsor, Kamysh-Samarskie lakes. Caspian Sea has a crucial role in the region. For more than 100 years oil is being extracted here; Atyrau city is the center for mining and canning of caviar.

Exceptionally attractive landscapes, diverse fauna of Ustyurt reserve, many historical and cultural monuments, picturesque places of Caspian coast are of considerable interest for potential tourist:

Karagiye (“black hollow” from Kazakh) is the lowest point in Kazakhstan and CIS (132 meters below sea level). It is remarkable for its fantastic beauty.

Following the Great Silk Road. One of the most attractive routes in Mangistau is the trip along the Great Silk Road, which in ancient times passed through these places from south to the coast of Caspian Sea. Caravanserais, small settlements survived here: Sartash, Alta, Ketyk. There is a legendary sacred mountain Sherkala, and not far away from the mountain there are ruins of the fortress, which belonged to Jochi, the eldest son of Genghis Khan. There are a lot of historical and architectural monuments: carved out of rock underground mosques Beket-Ata, Eset Batyr (Eset warrior) memorial complex and many others.

Ustyurt national biospheric reserve has the area of 70,000 ha; desert landscapes of Turan Lowland and Ustyurt plateu are typical for this place. The reserve is a safe shelter for rare animals, such as: ustyurt moufflon, cheetah, saiga, gazelle, jackal, fox, long spined hedgehog, ferret and others.

Archaeological sights of Ustyurt. Ruins of ancient settlements, ancient cemeteries with magnificent mausoleums-mazars are spread along the plateau. There are also prehistoric monuments. More than 60 Neolithic Sights are known on the plateau.

Cities of Western Kazakhstan

Aktobe, Aktau, Atyrau, Uralsk