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Regions of Kazakhstan

Kyzylarai is the oasis in the center of an ancient Sary-Arka

Kyzylarai mountain and forest oasis is a wonderful combination of unspoiled nature, ancient historical monuments and wealth of flora and fauna. Pine forests, which grow on granite rocks, are of particular interest for scientists as the most southern place in the eco system of Central Kazakhstan, where pine trees grow.

On the relatively small territory you can travel through mountains and steppes, get in touch with historical legacy dated back to the Bronze Age, and later periods: Begazy monumental tombs, stone sculptures of the Turkic period and mausoleums of the era of Kazakh-Dzhungar wars.

Well preserved national way of life makes Kyzylarai the perfect place for those, who like to discover something new and unusual for themselves.

Begazy granite tombs are one of the most mysterious archaeological discoveries on the territory of Central Kazakhstan; it is the cultural monument of the Bronze Age.

Aksoran is the highest point of Kyzylarai mountains and Kazakh low hills (Sary-Arka) overall; its height is 1,565 meters above sea level. Kyzylarai Mountains are remarkable with their untouched nature; tourists are very rare guests here.

Shabanbai Bi village, which is located at the foothill of Aksoran Mountain, is the highest point of Kyzylarai mountains; it is one of the places in Central Kazakhstan where ecotourism, based on local communities, is being developed. Tourists are offered accommodation in houses of local residents, and also incomparable opportunity to get acquainted with usual rural life and taste ethnic Kazakh cuisine, such as besbarmak, kuyrdak, pilau and others.

Services and prices on ecological sight of Kyzylarai (Shabanbai Bi)

Populated area (village)Shabanbai Bi
3 guest houses (4 - 6 places)
Karaganda (airport, train station – 290 km), Aktogay (bus – 60 km)
Season of stay4-10 months
5000 KZT, all facilities are outside the house
Kyzylarai mountains and it’s highest point – peak Aksoran, cave Aulie
Necropolis Begazy (Bronze Age), stone sculptures (balbaly) from Turkish period
Hiking and bike tours, climbing the highest mountain of Saryarka, Aksoran mountain
1) Guest house № 3, Dosymbek Kali str. 5, tel: +7 7212 37340 (Duisembekov Sandybai and Kulymzhanova Korlan);
2) Guest house № 7, Moldabay str. 3, tel: + 7 7212 37248 (Кapashev Kudaibergen);
3) Guest house № 11, tel: +7 7212 37247 (Raushan)
Information Tourist Center in Karaganda, tel: + 7 7212 412165

How to get there

You can get to Shabanbai Bi village by train from Alamty or Astana through Karaganda, or through Aktogai village.

Both Aksoran and Begazy are located in Aktogai region. You can visit them reaching Shabanbai Bi village from Aktogai settlement by bus.

You can plan and book your trip to Karkaraly in advance through ecotourism Informational resource center: ecocentre.kz@gmail.com.