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Regions of Kazakhstan

Astana – young capital of Kazakhstan.

Astana is a capital of the Republic of Kazakhstan since 1996. The city is located in the central part of the country, on the right coast of Esil (Ishim) river.

Climate is sharply continental. Long lasting winter with abundant snow cover. Average temperature in January is about -14-18Cº with frosts till -40Cº. Moderately hot summer with a lot of rain showers and sunny clear days. Average temperature in July is about +20 (+24) Cº.

Astana is an international business and cultural center not only of Kazakhstan but also of the Eurasian continent overall. Unique structures, authors of which are world famous artists and architects, gave Astana its unique shape, which impresses citizens and guests of the city. In the year 1999, according to the decision of UNESCO, Astana city was awarded with medal and high rank of “The city of peace”.

From the history of the city. In the year 1830, a fortress has been established by Russian Cossack troops on the Coast of Ishim River. In 1862, Akmolinsk has received its status of the city. In 1997 Akmola became a capital of Kazakhstan. In 1998 the name of new capital has been changed to Astana, which means “capital”.

Residents of the capital. People of more than 100 nationalities live in Astana. Population of the capital is more than 700 thousand people; population grows due to inter-regional migration.

Local travel agencies offer guests to make ethno tours: exotic trips to steppe, the ancient land of Sary-Arka, have rest in places far from civilization in the native environment of nomadic Kazakhs, acquaintance with national cuisine, life and tradition of Kazakh people. You could also visit “Kulager” hippodrome, see falconry, go fishing in Ermentausky reserve, visit Borovoye lake and Korgalszhyn reserve.